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University of Connecticut Library Map and Geographic Information Center

How Do I...

Included below are a series of resources to help our users explore and integrate geospatial data within their own research.

Workshop Links and Resources Tutorials and Resources

What's New in (ESRI)


Making a Map using (ESRI)

ArcGIS Desktop Tutorials and Resources

Connecticut Information

Geospatial Data and Formats Information

Google Earth

Learn Google Earth: Geotagging Photos (Google)

Learn Google Earth: Historical Imagery (Google)

Learn Google Earth: Importing KML, KMZ and GPS Data (Google)

Learn Google Earth: Recording a Tour (Google)

Google Maps

How to Create a Map Mash-up using Google Maps MyMaps (Google)

MAGIC 2.0 Online Mapping

Web Mapping and Scripting

Workshop Handouts, Presentations and Links