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University of Connecticut Library Map and Geographic Information Center

Connecticut Historical Aerial Photography

The University of Connecticut Libraries Map and Geographic Information Center - MAGIC, in collaboration with the Connecticut State Library, and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are focused on digitizing aerial photography for the state of Connecticut to provide public access to these resources. Included below are aerial photography collections which MAGIC, CT ECO, and the Connecticut State Library provide for the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO) Aerial Photography Viewer


CTECO CT ECO is an interactive web mapping interface which allows users to view aerial photography mosaics and GIS data layers via the web. This interface allows users to generate customized maps for locations within Connecticut.

You can view the following data via CT ECO:

Aerial Photography:

  • 1990 Orthophotos
  • 2004 Orthophotos
  • 2006 Orthophotos
  • 2008 Orthophotos
  • 2009 Orthophoto - CRCOG
  • 2010 Orthophotos
  • 2012 Orthophotos

Infrared Aerial Photography:

  • 2008 Orthophoto - Infrared
  • 2010 Orthophoto - Infrared
  • 2012 Orthophoto - Infrared

Additional Maps:

  • Interactive maps that include Elevation, Geology, Open Space, Soils, Water Resources, Watersheds and and more!
  • CT ECO also offers Map Services that users of ArcGIS and other GIS software applications can access. For details on the CT ECO Map Services visit:


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    Connecticut Historical Aerial Photography - MAGIC

    MAGIC in collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (CT DEP) has developed a series of historical aerial photography indexes to assist users with locating aerial photography for an area of interest in Connecticut, Each of these aerial photography indexes can be viewed within GIS software, Google Earth, or users can locate an aerial photo by using the Map Preview link. Several of these aerial photography indexes also include direct links to a pdf and full-quality TIFF version of each photograph. Included below is a listing of the Aerial Photography Indexes available from MAGIC.


    Aerial Photography Index Collections:

    Infrared Aerial Photography Index Collections:

    Note: To obtain digital images for 1963, 1969, and 2004 aerial photographs, once you have identified aerial photos you wish to use, just email us at MAGIC with the photo number(s) and year(s) and we will send you a copy of the individual aerial photos.


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    Connecticut Historical Aerial Photography - Connecticut State Library

    The Connecticut State Library (CSL) includes several aerial photography collections electronic and print formats. Included below is a brief outline of the aerial photography collections available from the Connecticut State Library. CSL_Aerial_Photography

    Online Aerial Photography Collections:

    Print Aerial Photography Collections:

    For additional details on aerial photography available at the Connecticut State Library visit:


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    Connecticut Historical Aerial Photography Mosaic Map Mash-ups

    MAGIC_Aerial_Photography_MosaicsMAGIC has created a series of Aerial Photography Mosaic Map Mash-ups which enable users to view aerial photography mosaics, search for a particular location by street address, and view different years of aerial photography mosaics for a particular location. These maps utilize aerial photography imagery from CTECO's Map Services and MAGIC's Web Map Service (WMS) to create custom Google Maps Mash-ups to enhance the usability of these collections.

    Aerial Photography Mosaics Available include:

    The Connecticut Aerial Photography Mosaics Map Mash-up also allows users to view imagery for a particular location as well as setting the default aerial photography layer to view. Details on creating a custom bookmark for this map mash-up are included below the interactive map.

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