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University of Connecticut Library Map and Geographic Information Center

Obtaining CT Parcel Data

At present, the state of Connecticut does not offer a complete parcel data layer which includes digital parcel information for all 169 towns in Connecticut. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) has compiled a base parcel layer for multiple towns which includes 148 towns in total and is available in Shapefile format.

Connecticut Parcels from CT DEEP (Includes 148 Towns)

If you should need parcel data for towns not included in the Connecticut Parcel layer or should require additional attribute data which is not included in the parcel layer above, there are two options to consider for potentially obtaining this information (if available).

  • For additional attributes or to obtain updated parcel data contact the individual town(s).
  • Regional Planning Organizations may have updated parcel and/or additional attributes for towns within a planning region. To determine which town(s) are within a Regional Planning Organization click here to view a spreadsheet with this information.


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