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University of Connecticut University Libraries MAGIC

New York, New Haven Hartford Railroad Valuation Map Index

There will be an interruption in online access to the railroad valuation maps included in this index beginning in July 2015 while we are transitioning the content to our new digital collections platform. Please contact Laura Smith at Archives & Special Collections of the University of Connecticut Libraries, at, if you need information about the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Valuation Maps.

This index includes the 1915-1916 New York, New Haven Hartford Railroad (NYNHHRR) Valuation Maps. To use this index, search for an address or town within Connecticut, click on the red outline box and a pop-up balloon will appear. This pop-up balloon includes the file name, date, map scale, and a link to view the map within the University of Connecticut Libraries Digital Mosaic. Each preview image includes additional metadata and the ability to view the map.

Note: The New York New Haven Hartford Railroad Valuation Maps are georeferenced and available from MAGIC.

Special thanks to Benjamin Spaulding at for assistance in developing this map mash-up.


NYNHH Railroad Index

Dataset Geography Year Scale Source Metadata Spreadsheet Shapefile
Map Preview
New York New Haven Hartford Railroad Map Index (1915-1916) New
2011 1:24,000 MAGIC Coming Soon download_spreadsheet Download_Shapefile Download_KML Preview_Data



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