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University of Connecticut Library Map and Geographic Information Center

Connecticut Aerial Photography Mosaics

Welcome to Connecticut's most complete collection of online aerial photography mosaics. To view aerial photography mosaics from different years, click the drop down menu in the top right corner of the map. Users can also toggle layers on or off by clicking the associated check box.

MAGIC_WMS_instructionsAttention ArcGIS and other GIS software users! The 1934 Aerial Photography layer is available via MAGIC's WMS.

CT_ECO_Map_Services ArcGIS software users can access high quality imagery for 2010, 2006, 2004, 1990, 2009 CRCOG and more via the CT ECO Map Services.

Search any Connecticut address to compare aerial imagery from two time periods, side by side. Our default map displays 1934 versus the current satellite view (with additional layers from the 1950s, 1970s, and 1990s to come). For example, view the influence of post-war interstate highway development on urban neighborhoods (such as the I-84 exchange in Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood), or suburban commercial and residential development on formerly rural farmland (such as WestFarms Mall in Farmington/West Hartford). To send web visitors to any Connecticut location on this map, create a URL link in this format:

To identify any latitude and longitude in a Google Map, right-click on a point, select “What’s Here?” and see results in the search box.

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1934 Connecticut Aerial Photography provided by the Connecticut State Libraryinfo

2006, 2004, 1990, 2009 CRCOG, 2008 Urban Areas, 2005 Coastal Infrared, 2004 Coastal, and 2004 Coastal Infrared imagery provided by the Connecticut Ecological Conditions Online (CT ECO) Web Map Servicesinfo

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Benjamin Spaulding (
Jack Dougherty (Trinity College)
Thomas Bachant, Curtis Denton, Joshua Strunk, and Michael Howser (University of Connecticut Libraries MAGIC)

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