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University of Connecticut University Libraries MAGIC

Check out our new dual link map interface for historical aerial photography

1934 Connecticut Fairchild Aerial Photography Map Mash-up

Use the following map to view 1934 Connecticut aerial photos for an area of interest in Connecticut. To compare 1934 aerial photography to current aerial photography provided by Google Maps use the opacity slider control. opacity_slider_control The 1934 Aerial Photography are provided by the Connecticut State Library.

MAGIC_WMS_instructionsAttention ArcGIS and other GIS software users! The 1934 Aerial Photography layer is available via MAGIC's WMS.

Note: The 1934 aerial photography have been georeferenced and not orthorectified which results in some features not aligning with modern-day aerial imagery.


Special thanks to Benjamin Spaulding at for assistance in developing this map mash-up.


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