2004 Connecticut Orthophoto Center Point Index


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Theme: orthophoto, orthoimagery, photo, imagery, center point, centroid, index, 2004
Place: United States, Connecticut

This is a point feature class that defines the center point for each Connecticut 2004 orthophoto image tile. There are 3,413 orthophoto tiles and these data include a center point for each orthophoto tile. Each tile measures approximately 1.17 miles east-west by 1.5 miles north-south, covering a geographic area of approximately 1.755 square miles. The orthophotos are organized in a grid pattern that covers the State of Connecticut with 36 orthophoto tiles per 7.5 minute quadrangle area (9 per 3.75 minute quarter quadrangle area). The overlap between adjacent photos is approximately 350 to 450 feet. Each center point feature is identified by a unique ORTHOPHOTO_TILE value, which matches the name of the corresponding image file.

These data serve as a center point index to the set of 2004 orthophoto image tiles for Connecticut.


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