1970 - Connecticut Aerial Photo Index


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Theme: imageryBaseMapsEarthCover, location
Theme: historical aerial photography, aerial photography, photo, imagery, center point, centroid, 1970
Place: Connecticut, CT, Massachusetts, MA, New York, NY, Rhode Island, RI
Place: United States
Temporal: 1970

This is a point feature class that defines the center point for each Connecticut 1970 aerial photograph. There are 6,680 aerial photograph center points in this feature class. Photographs represented by these centerpoints were taken at a scale of 1:20000. Each center point represents a photograph approximately 9" x 9" covering approximately 2.84 miles east-west by 2.84 miles north-south, covering a geographic area of approximately 8.1 square miles.. The overlap between adjacent photos is approximately 1.49 miles. Photographs were originally taken by United States Department of Public Works.

This data serves as a center point index for the set of 1970 aerial photos for Connecticut and includes links to download  scanned copies of the original aerial photos to facilitate access to these digitial images.


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