1960s Connecticut Aerial Photography Index


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Theme: historical aerial photography, photograph center points, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
Place: Connecticut
Temporal: 1969

The data layer is named 1960_connecticut_state_var.shp where the year, state, author, and scale are included in the file name.  The data layer contains the approximate center points of 1960s era aerial photography that are are housed at the Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) at the University of Connecticut.  The images were taken by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service at a scale of 1:20,000.   Each center point feature is identified by a unique IMAGE_ID value, which matches the name of the corresponding image file. The shapefile represents the approximate center points from the aerial photography and are intended for reference use only.

This shapefile allows GIS users to browse through MAGIC's aerial photography collection and is provided for reference use only.


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